Louisiana Rambles

Exploring America’s Cajun and Creole Heartland

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The Book

Journalist and author Ian McNulty takes readers along on a quest to get to the essence of what makes south Louisiana so captivating, so unique and such a place apart from the rest of the South, from America and from anywhere else in the world.

A richly evocative travel narrative, this book brings readers off the conventional tourist circuit and into the heart of Cajun and Creole Louisiana. It’s the Louisiana of zydeco dancehalls pulsing in the country darkness, of crawfish “boiling points” and traditional country smokehouses, of Cajun jam sessions where even wallflowers are compelled to dance and of fishing trips where anyone can bring home a whopper.

The book includes an extensive, chapter-by-chapter appendix of travel tips and notes from the road (or the bayou) to help readers embark on their own rambles and get the most out of a trip around south Louisiana.

Please see the Excerpts section of this site to read samples from the book.