Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, is a large bio-pharmaceuticals manufacturer and a key nation-wide production base for antibiotics in China. as a key hi-tech company on the national level in China. And own postdoctoral scientific research stations, one state-level enterprise technology center and two provincial enterprise technology centers.
Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in Feb., 1997 (Code number 600789), with total assets of CNY 580 million Yuan, Owns five wholly-owned subsidiary, five holding subsidiaries, 1 stock-sharing company, with nearly 6000 staff members, including three subsidiaries for the national high and new technology enterprise.

The mission is to“Develop Biomedicine and Serve Human Health.” the vision is to build a learning company that advocates health, harmony, fairness, equality and innovation. Our core values are innovation, quality and integrity. With these guiding principles we contribute to people's health and medical care by producing safe and effective medicine as a resource conserving and environmentally friendly manufacturer.

Certified by ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14000 (environment) and OSHMS, Lukang Pharma have more than 500 items with the range from human use to animals & plants use drugs. Several APIs are approved by EU CEP, US FDA.

Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries in Asia, European, Africa, and America, With more than 100 million US Dollars of the value of exports.  

Guding with Science and modern Biotechnology, Lukang Pharma is producing and marketing products from antibiotics, amino acids drugs, Cardio-cerebrovascular drugs, semi-synthetic antibiotic APIs to biopharmaceuticals and FDFs, infusion supplies, traditional Chinese medicine, Pharmaceutical intermediates and animal health-care antibiotics etc.

The brand "Lukang" was chosen into the "List of Selected Brand Names in Exports to be Fostered and Developed with Priority by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce."  And recognized as  a national quality and efficiency-oriented enterprise, a national customer satisfaction enterprise and a national excellent pharmaceutical enterprise,a national high-tech company, and Lukang R&D Center, Lukang Shelile Pharma and Lukang Saite Pharma were all recognized as national level corporate technology centers, and technology innovation bases of export in Shandong Province.

In the 13th five year period, LKPC will strive to promote the core competitive strengths so as to be listed as a first class pharmaceutical manufacturer in China. We will continue to follow our corporate strategy and be market oriented. Our management system and adopted science and technology will be innovated to maximize the resource allocation and management effectiveness. We will focus on building three industrial chains in biopharmaceuticals, biological products and biogenetic drugs. Our business will continue to span four modules: human use,  veterinary, environmentally friendly products and biopharmaceuticals.